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Inside the human body, we have about 4.5 pounds of good bacteria that we need to live a healthy life. These bacteria, a word we normally think of as bad, are called healthy gut microflora or “the good guys.” They live on our skin, in our mouth, in our stomach, intestines and other harsh environments throughout the body. Anytime an antibiotic is used, it takes a toll on the good microflora that we have built up over time. An antibiotic may help to kill the bad bacteria in your body and heal you from a sickness but it is important to understand how these medicines effect our bodies.

To keep a balanced digestive tract it is important to take a probiotic supplement. When a good balance of healthy gut microflora is obtained it can help many other facets of life including increased focus, a strong immune system and better digestion of food.

Here are three benefits of probiotics:

1. Balances Digestive System
When a probiotic is taken, the different strains of good microflora go to work by finding their correct place inside the GI tract. Some bacteria are needed in the stomach while others move to the small and large intestines to serve their purpose. When a healthy amount of these microorganisms are in place, digestion runs smoothly and efficiently. More nutrients from food can be captured and your body can work as a finely tuned machine working in harmony with its healthy microflora friends.

2. Helps Brain Function
Did you know the lining of your GI tract and the blood brain barrier are made of the same tissue? This direct connection between the gut and the brain means what we eat and the balance of microflora in our gastrointestinal tract directly effects the brain. If there is an imbalance and the gut is not working properly, it can be very difficult to focus. Also, any inflammation in the gut may cause the brain to be inflamed as well. Achieving a proper balance of healthy microflora can help solve these problems in the gut and directly improve focus along with other brain functions.

3. Boots Immune System
A balanced gut can help the performance of your immune system. Foodborne illnesses can be avoided by having a strong gastrointestinal tract that is balanced with healthy microflora. Having a healthy number of beneficial flora creates a first line of defense that helps to fight harmful bacteria that can make its way into your body through food. Having a healthy amount of good flora in the gut also helps aid in the synthesis of B-vitamins, an important resource for energy and immune function.

Taking a probiotic supplement is recommended to ensure a healthy gut and a healthy brain. Absorbing enough healthy probiotics through foods alone such as yogurt can be very difficult because of the pasteurization process. Antibiotics so strongly kills off the “good guys” that restoring balance is near impossible without taking a probiotic supplement.



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