Why is the Cranberry a Super Ingredient?

From the Northern US to the cooler regions of Europe, the cranberry plant grows berries rich in phytonutrients, making them an essential ingredient for all-round wellness. 

The shrub from which the berry grows flourishes in sandy bogs and it is this acidic environment that is essential in providing the berry with its health benefiting qualities. From its skin to the juice inside, the nutritional profile of the cranberry has been said to support against a variety of aliments, from tooth decay to urinary infections to inflammatory diseases.

Health Benefits

With an acidic nature resulting in a long list of health benefits, this small, round, red colored berry is chock full of chemical compounds with high levels of various antioxidants. Genesis Today harvests only entire cranberries, including the skin, seeds, and flesh to guarantee all its nutrients are preserved. Sourced, formulated and tested to ensure quality, this classic superfruit has been a staple of numerous wellness diets for years.

• Features a high number of antioxidant compounds

• Good source of vitamins C & A

• Contains minerals like potassium and manganese

• High amounts of phenolic flavonoid phytochemicals called pro-anthocyanidins (PAC’s)

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