Why is the Mangosteen Fruit a Super Ingredient?

The mangosteen fruit of Southeast Asia is fondly known as the Queen of Fruits. Deliciously ripe with natural benefits, the unique fruit grows deep in the jungles among waterfalls and wild bamboo.

Harvested by hand, the white, velvety flesh of the mangosteen fruit ripens with inherent sweetness. The skin and seeds of the fruit also contain natural benefits, making the whole fruit worth preserving.   

Genesis Today harvests the whole mangosteen fruit for its products, including the skin, seeds and flesh. The delicious extracted juice is vegetarian, dairy free, certified organic and Kosher. Sourced, formulated and tested to ensure quality, this exotic superfruit can enhance any diet.

Health Benefits

• Low in calories

• Contains no saturated fats or cholesterol

• Rich in dietary fiber

• Good source of vitamin C

• A water soluble anti-oxidant

• Great source of B-complex vitamins

• Contains healthy minerals including copper, manganese, magnesium and potassium

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