Why is the Noni Fruit a Super Ingredient?

Growing on the green, leafy trees along the rocky beaches and sandy shores of the South Pacific, Noni fruit supports detoxification and digestion. 

Rooted in earth often hardened with volcanic lava flow, the noni tree flourishes in breezy tropics. For centuries, the tree’s fruit has been cherished by the South Pacific. Traditionally believing it would sustain their strength, islanders consumed the fruit, even carrying it in canoes on their journey across the ocean to the lush islands of Hawaii. Many who cherish the fruit even say a prayer of gratitude to the noni tree before prying the fresh fruit from its branches.

Traditionally the entire noni fruit is prepared by slicing, layering and placing the fruit in large vats to age. Genesis Today has preserved these methods, and from the aged and layered noni fruit a tart, rich liquid is extracted.

All Genesis Today noni fruit products are certified organic, gluten free and vegetarian. Sourced, formulated and tested for quality before offering it to you, Genesis Today’s noni fruit has been ensured to meet our standards as well as yours.

Health Benefits

• Strong levels of anti-oxidants, minerals, and vitamins

• Concentrated levels carbohydrates and dietary fiber

• Strong levels of vitamin C, vitamin B3, iron and potassium

• Contains vitamin A, calcium and sodium

• Great source for phytochemicals, including flavonoids, fatty acids and alkaloids

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