Why is the Acai Berry a Super Ingredient?

Also known as the Brazilian Beauty Berry, the acai (ah-sigh-ee) berry is an exotic, delicious, low-glycemic berry that provides vibrant antioxidants, omega fats, and fiber. A staple in the diet of indigenous cultures for centuries, the berry is high in Vitamin C, and is a great addition to any nutritional diet. 

With a flavor that’s somewhere between chocolate and wild berries, the Açaí Berry is abundant with (and super healthy due to) its omega fatty acids. Including fatty acids 3, 6, and 9 in addition to its high antioxidant profile, it is these nutritional benefits that give the acai its unique and creamy texture.

A great source of protein and fiber, the berry’s has also been said to support a healthy appearance. Delicious and packed with nutrition, the Açaí Berry supports the daily needs of your body, inside and out.

Health Benefits

• Strong levels of anti-oxidants, minerals, and vitamins

• Rich in medium chain fatty acids like oleic acid (omega-9) and linoleic acid (omega-6)

• Good levels of dietary fiber, especially in the pulp

• Contains minerals like potassium, manganese, copper, iron, and magnesium

• Rich in vitamin-K

• High in caloric values and fats

• Contains polyphenolic anthocyanin compounds and astringent pro-anthocyanidin tannins

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