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(Austin, TX) March 2017 – Genesis Today’s Cranberry U.T. Complete drink powder has been named 2017 Best Women’s Health Product by Delicious Living, a trusted voice in the natural living community. Criteria for this award included ingredient efficacy and purity, as well as substantiation and validation of ingredients. Cranberry U.T. Complete drink mix powder is a comprehensive formula featuring CRAN d’Or whole fruit cranberry powder plus carefully selected botanicals to support urinary tract health and deliver proanthocyanidins (PACs).

“You say UTI, I say cranberries,” wrote Delicious Living Editor-In-Chief Todd Runestad. “CRAN d’Or is a special type of cranberry that dispenses with the juice and contains 135 mg per serving of the all-important proanthocyanidins (PACs). This drink mix powder provides four times more antioxidants than pure cranberry juice and is made without solvents. Bonus: A select handful of other botanicals help your urinary tract even more.”

Cranberry U.T. Complete is a condition-specific formulation designed to be used when urinary tract infection (UTI) symptoms are present. The drink mix powder is designed to be mixed with six to eight ounces of water, and is available in a 10-serving size. The product is naturally flavored, gluten- and soy-free, contains no artificial sweeteners or flavors, and uses all non-GMO ingredients.

The award-winning formula features only evidence-based ingredients, including CRAN d’OR whole fruit cranberry powder. “By using CRAN d’Or whole fruit cranberry from Fruit d’Or instead of a conventional cranberry extract, Genesis Today achieved 135 mg of PACs per serving in its Cranberry U.T. Complete, which we believe is the highest PAC content of any cranberry UTI product in the marketplace today,” confirms Jeff Brucker, VP of Marketing for Genesis Today.


Embracing Cranberry Labeling Transparency

“There are many different types of cranberry supplements. Most are non-standardized juice extracts or powders, processes which remove most of the nutrients,” confirms Stephen Lukawski, director of sales and business development for Fruit d’Or Nutraceuticals. “We commend the Genesis Today team for recognizing the value of the whole fruit – the importance of soluble and insoluble PACs using the most advanced test methods, reference standards and analytical equipment – and developing a product with a total PAC content that exceeds all other cranberry supplements on the market, including cranberry fruit juice and cranberry fruit extracts.”

Lukawski adds, “This product isn’t a proprietary blend. This is all about the whole fruit and delivering the best of what Mother Nature intended to provide. A lot of cranberry products in the marketplace don’t list their PAC content and pretend to be whole fruit powder. Genesis Today is very transparent in its labeling. You see what you’re getting, per ingredient, per serving. With this transparency, Genesis Today it is sending an important message to consumers that they need to look for whole-fruit, standardized cranberry supplements and a system that delivers on promise.”

To win consumer trust and confidence in their quality, Fruit d’Or has taken the steps to standardize the PAC content of all its whole-fruit cranberry ingredients. “Consumer trust starts with manufacturers purchasing ingredients from companies that have full control of the supply chain,” comments Lukawski. “It spans from buying North American direct from growers, to understanding the quality you’re getting in the end-products. We’re proud to be able to trace our cranberries from the planting of the seeds to the finished ingredients on consumers’ tables.”


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