Black Raspberry

2016 Taste for Life Immunity Essentials Award Winner

Genesis Today’s Black Raspberry begins with premium black raspberries harvested in late summer from the Pacific Northwest and immediately freeze-dried to preserve the berry’s properties. Black Raspberry contains both anthocyanins and ellagic acids.* GT’s Black Raspberry supports daily nutrition derived from deep, dark black raspberries. Each vegetarian capsule contains 400 mg of black raspberry powder. This product contains no binders, fillers or excipients and no added preservatives or colors.




SKU: GT127

  • Support for daily nutrition*
  • Provides 800 mg of freeze-dried black raspberry per serving
  • Sourced from Pacific Northwest
  • No binders, fillers or excipients
  • 60 Vegetarian capsules



Dark purplish-black berries—also known as “black caps” or “thimbleberries”—black raspberries are the fruit of the Rubus occidentalis plant, a small shrub native to eastern North America. They’re known for their high level of antioxidant compounds, especially anthocyanidins, which are flavonoids also responsible for the vibrant red or blue color of some fruits and vegetables.

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