Vegan Defense Greens

Defense Greens nourishes the immune system with blueberry, cranberry and organic mushroom extracts as well as baker’s yeast beta glucan extract. This unique formula also supports healthy digestio with oat fiber, brown rice, papain, bromelain and 10 probiotic strains providing 25 billion active cultures.*


SKU: GT164

What's Inside?




†CFUs represented are at time of manufacture.

Superfood Immune Support 

Genesis Today’s Defense Greens features a rich blend of dark, leafy sea and land plants harvested from around the globe. Dark green leafy plants such as spinach, kale and kelp are considered superfoods since they include Vitamins A, C and K as well as essential minerals like iron, calcium and magnesium.

Defense Greens also contains a special “defense blend” of eight superfruits, including blueberries which include bioflavonoids that protect the delicate fruit from environmental damage and stillbenoids which help support immune health. This unique formula also offers a blend of organic reishi, shiitake and white button mushrooms which are all believed to support a healthy immune system.*

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