Garcinia Cambogia + Ketones

Genesis Today’s Garcinia Cambogia + Ketones blends Garcinia cambogia, a small pumpkin-shaped Asian superfruit with raspberry ketones. This special formulation contains 600 mg of Garcinia cambogia extract with 60% hydroxycitric acid (HCA) and 600 mg of raspberry ketones in every serving.

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genesis today garcinia cambogia raspberry ketones ingredientsGarcinia Cambogia + Ketones blends the Asian Garcinia cambogia superfood with raspberry ketones for overall health.*

Garcinia cambogia is a small pumpkin-shaped fruit that grows throughout Asia and contains hydroxycitric acid. Genesis Today harvests Garcinia cambogia from mountain farms in remote regions of India which is then cut by hand and dried in a traditional manner.*

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Raspberry ketone is the compound that gives raspberries their sweet aroma and supports overall health.*

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We take great care to package this unique supplement blend in a vegetarian capsule so you get only the ingredients you need.

Garcina Cambogia + Ketones provides
• 600 mg of Garcinia cambogia per serving
• 600 mg of raspberry ketones per serving
• 60% hydroxycitric acid
• Calcium and potassium to support enhanced absorption of HCA

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