Liquid Liver Cleanse (16 oz)

Genesis Today’s Liquid Liver Cleanse supports healthy liver function with Milk Thistle.* The liver is one of the most important organs in the body, performing essential functions that include the filtration of circulating toxins and the natural detoxification processing of harmful chemicals so that they can be safely eliminated.



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Genesis Today’s Liquid Liver Cleanse is a highly absorbable blend of synergistic plant-based ingredients and herbs, such as organic beet juice, choline, artichoke, milk thistle and more, that support the valuable functions of the liver, while also enhancing energy levels, vitality and overall health and well-being.*

  • A plant-based liver cleanse in an absorbable, liquid form*
  • Combines Milk Thistle extract with dandelion, artichoke, and cilantro leaf to optimize the health of the liver and the whole body*
  • Contains no artificial ingredients
  • No added sugars

Genesis Today’s Liquid Liver Cleanse is a liquid supplement combining a blend of detoxifying herbs and botanicals, including dandelion, milk thistle, beet root, and artichoke leaves.*

While most of us consider the dandelion little more than a stubborn weed, this simple yellow flower has been enjoyed raw and cooked for thousands of years, and most recently, in teas and wines. In addition to serving as an abundant food source world-wide, dandelions have also been used traditionally as a diuretic and to support detoxification.*

Milk Thistle
Milk thistle is a spiky-leafed, purple flower that grows throughout Southern Europe. For over 2,000 years, the hard fruit (or seeds) of the milk thistle have been used to help support detoxification.*

Beet Root
The ancestor of the modern beet plant originated in North Africa and first grew wild along the sea coasts of Asia and Europe. Ancient peoples originally enjoyed the leaves of the beet, and it wasn’t until Roman times that the ruby red roots were first cultivated for food. Today, beets are valued for their rich supply of iron, calcium, B vitamins and betaine, a natural pigment that gives the roots their deep color and supports detoxification.*

Left alone, an unpicked artichoke will blossom into a beautiful purple flower, but this variety of thistle from the Mediterranean was cultivated for food as far back as ancient Greek and Roman times.*


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