Organic Goji 100 (16 oz)

Genesis Today’s Organic Goji 100™ is our dark, distinctive Goji juice created solely from sun-drenched, ready-to-burst Goji berries. Goji berries are native to the Himalayan region of Asia, flourishing on tall shrubs with vine-like branches.* Goji is a true treasure in many Asian cultures and festivals are held to celebrate the berry’s annual harvest. Organic Goji 100 supports a positive mood and is fondly called the “Happy Berry.” Each serving delivers 30g of organic goji providing a natural source of antioxidants, polysaccharides, and phytonutrients.


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Genesis Today sources goji berries for its goji juice from trusted, local farmers in Southeast Asia. Goji berries grow on shrubs, and it takes about 2 years for the plant to bear fruit. Our goji berries are grown in soil that is certified organic and harvested with care by hand. Organic Goji 100 is cooked in traditional Asian style to bring out the peak flavor of the berry. Our juice is then flash pasteurized to maintain that flavor and the berry’s healthy properties.

Organic Goji 100 is Genesis Today’s organic goji juice that supports a positive mood – all with the healthy benefits of the goji berry.*

• Supports a positive mood*

• 30g of goji per serving

• Certified USDA Organic

• Natural source of antioxidants, polysaccharides, and phytonutrients


A staple of indigenous diets for centuries and is still revered today for its support of a positive mood, the Goji Berry has earned its reputation as the “Happy Berry.” Goji berries grow near the awe-inspiring Himalaya Mountains. These deep orange berries flourish on long vine-like branches and are a celebrated food in many Asian cultures. Harvested whole and sun-ripened, the semi-tart fruit has been known to inspire happiness and good health.

Genesis Today picks Goji berries whole at their sun-ripened peak and prepares them in the Asian tradition for their products. The dark, delicious juice extracted from these berries has been encouraging positive moods in people for centuries and can now be applied to number of daily nutritional diets.



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