Organic Mangosteen 100 (16 oz)

Genesis Today’s Mangosteen 100 is a slightly sweet, crisp juice created purely from the mangosteen fruit of Southeast Asia where it is fondly known as the “Queen of Fruits” thanks to its luscious and vivacious taste. Mangosteen 100 contains no added juices or sweeteners.


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Deep in the heart of Southeast Asia lies one of the most prized superfruits in the world. Mangosteen (Garcinia mangostana) hails from the dense jungles of Southeast Asia and grows among waterfalls, bamboo and jungle wildlife until the fruit is ripe with white, velvety flesh and ready for harvest.

these mangosteens are not ripe

The top of the mangosteen has a calyx (the green “leaves” that surround the purple skin of the fruit). The fruit inside is snow white and looks almost like an orange. The outer pericarp (rind) is deep purple, while the inner rind is dark red.

Our farmers traditionally gather the fruit with long, telescoping poles fitted with nets or baskets to entice the fruit from its safe haven during the summer months. Some trees can grow up to 60 feet tall, so the farmers have to climb up the tree and/or use a tall ladder to get all the fruit.

As you can imagine, it’s a time-intensive process, but well worth the time spent.

The sweet and tangy inner part of the mangosteen fruit is enjoyed by many in its native climate and highly sought after by those in countries to which the delicate fruit cannot easily be exported.

Mangosteen is a tricky fruit when it comes to ripeness. It does not keep well and is exceedingly difficult to transport. Any cracks in the relatively delicate outer rind can cause the inner fruit to be almost inedible.

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In fact, if a mangosteen falls from the tree while being harvested or otherwise, it’s discarded. It’s also a major reason why we process mangosteen as quickly as possible after they’re harvested.

Quality Mangosteen Juice

Because the white fruit is so delicious, it’s all too tempting to just use that part in our juice, but that would provide you with few benefits. However, it’s an all too common practice. The outer and inner rind contain most of the beneficial nutrients. So if it’s missing either of those components, all you’ve really got is some great-tasting juice.

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Mangosteen can be cost-prohibitive because of how difficult they are to transport, harvest, and because it can take anywhere from 10-15 years for the mangosteen tree to even produce fruit. As such, lower quality mangosteen juices will also dilute their product with other juices.

Genesis Today’s Organic Mangosteen 100 is a 100% pure, certified organic liquid dietary supplement that is made by utilizing the whole fruit, including the skin, seeds, fruit and inner rind. The deep, rich color is a result of our enhanced process.

Each batch of Mangosteen 100 is verified by both a third party and our in-house staff to ensure its purity and quality.

Benefits of Mangosteen 100

Mangosteen 100 contains naturally-occurring xanthones (they act as antioxidants), which are believed to be responsible for a multitude of health-supporting benefits for which the mangosteen has been revered for over 1,000 years. In fact, it’s held in such high esteem that it’s the national fruit of Thailand.

Due to their antioxidant properties, the xanthones in Mangosteen 100 can help support your immune system and protect against free radicals.*

How to Use Mangosteen 100

how to use mangosteen 100

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