Organic Mangosteen 100 (32 oz)

32 oz

Genesis Today’s Mangosteen 100™ is our slightly sweet, crisp juice created purely from the mangosteen fruit of Southeast Asia where it is fondly known as the “Queen of Fruits.” This delicious fruit hails from the dense jungles of Southeast Asia and grows among waterfalls, bamboo and jungle wildlife until the fruit is ripe with white, velvety flesh and ready for harvest.


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The fruit is harvested similar to that of the noni fruit, with long sticks fitted with nets used to entice the fruit from its safe haven and into the nets of the farmers. Genesis Today sources mangosteen fruit grown organically in the beautiful country of Thailand. We personally visit the mangosteen farms to ensure the quality of farming, harvesting and of course, the mangosteen fruit.

Although the mangosteen takes time to ripen and can be difficult to harvest, Genesis Today makes it easy for you to indulge in this exotic superfruit juice. We create Mangosteen 100 using the whole fruit, including the skin, seeds, flesh and inner rind. We flash pasteurize our juice to maintain the fruit’s properties and succulent flavor. Taste for yourself the goodness of mangosteen.

Mangosteen 100 is our organic superfruit juice for daily nutrition created from the exotic mangosteen superfruit!*

  • 30 g of mangosteen per serving
  • Flash pasteurized for flavor
  • Supports daily nutrition*
  • Nothing added!


Mangosteen is a tropical tree believed to have originated in the Sunda Islands and the Moluccas of Indonesia. Today it can be found in tropical climates from Southeast Asia to South America, including Colombia, India, Thailand and the Philippines.
Mangosteen trees take between 10-15 years before they are able to bear fruit which can only be harvested for 2-3 months out of the year. The fruit is traditionally gathered with long sticks fitted with nets used to entice the fruit from its safe haven and into the nets of the farmers.
The sweet and tangy inner part of the mangosteen fruit is enjoyed by many in its native climate and highly sought after by those in countries to which the delicate fruit cannot easily be exported. Mangosteen has been used in traditional practices throughout Asia for centuries, probably due to the high concentration of naturally occurring polyphenols like xanthones found in the tough outer skin.*

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