Organic Noni 100 (32 oz)

Genesis Today’s Organic Noni 100™ supports healthy digestion and detoxification. Our noni juice is made from whole noni, a tart superfruit that grows on green, leafy trees along the rocky beaches and sandy shores of islands dotting the South Pacific. Rooted in earth often hardened with volcanic lava flow, the noni tree flourishes in the nutrient-rich soil and breezy tropics. Noni is a superfruit with a distinctive, tart taste and considered one of a kind by many including Genesis Today.


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We source our noni juice from certified organic farms in Tahiti, Fiji and other island nations of the South Pacific. Noni fruit is harvested by hand with a long stick fitted with a small net. The stick is used to prod the noni loose from the tree while the net is there to catch the fruit. Once the fruit is harvested, it is layered and put into large vats to age. We create our Noni 100 juice using every bit of the noni fruit and flash pasteurize the juice to maintain the fruit's distinct flavor.

Our pungent noni juice supports healthy detoxification and digestion.* Its emerald green color is a fitting indicator of its treasured health benefits.

  • Supports detoxification and digestion*
  • 30g of noni juice per serving
  • No added juices - just pure noni!
  • Certified USDA Organic
  • Made using whole noni fruit



The noni fruit hails from the islands of the South Pacific, Southeast Asia, Australia and Cambodia. It can grow anywhere from shady forests to rocky and sandy beaches and flourishes in volcanic terrains and limestone landscapes.
Australian Aborigines traditionally consumed noni as a staple food eating it raw or with salt or curry. Known to the ancient Polynesians as the “Tree of Life,” seeds of the noni fruit were considered a prize possession.

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