Organic Power4 (32 oz)

Genesis Today’s Organic Power4™ combines four popular superfruit juices in a delicious way. With goji’s support for positive mood, detoxification properties from noni, natural beauty support from the acai and the ever so slightly sweet pear-like taste of mangosteen, we think you’ll love Power4’s health benefits as much as its simplicity.


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power 4 genesis today ingredients superfruits 32ozFour of the World's Most Popular Superfruits

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Mangosteen is believed to have originated in the Sunda Island and the Moluccas of Indonesia. It grows mainly in Southeast Asia and tropical South American countries today and has been sought after for centuries for its delicious flavor.

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The goji berry hails from the mystical Himalayan region of Asia and is believed to support a positive mood. Festivals are held each year to celebrate goji which legends say endowed the inhabitants of an ancient village with happiness and long life when berries from a goji bush fell into the local well.*

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The floodplains of the Amazon River are home to the acai palm which bears the cherished acai berry. While the palm also offers the delicacy of hearts of palm, the berry is its real bounty. A staple food of the locals for hundreds of years, acai is sometimes called the “Beauty Berry” due to the belief that it supports a healthy appearance.*

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Noni hails from Southeast Asia, Australia, Cambodia and the islands of the South Pacific. Australian Aborigines traditionally consumed noni as a staple, eating it raw or with salt or curry. Known to the ancient Polynesians as the “Tree of Life,” the Noni fruit seeds were considered a prize possession.*


Organic Power4 was created to help complement your current health supplement routine. Our formula contains a wide array of unique compounds, vitamins and minerals all in one bottle. You get the benefits of four superfruit juices with only two 1 oz. servings in one delicious, easy-to-take product.


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How to Use Power4

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