Organic Total Goji 100 (32 oz)

Genesis Today’s Organic Total Goji 100™ is our flavorful, slightly sweet yet tangy juice created from organic goji berries. The revered goji berry originates from Southeast Asia growing on shrubs that take their delicious, semi-sweet time to bear the berry known for its positive mood support. Goji is also fondly called the “Happy Berry.” The distinct taste alone may leave you feeling happy.*



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Genesis Today sources goji berries from local farms in Southeast Asia. We support organic farming efforts in Southeast Asia and even know many of our farmers by name. By partnering with local, organic farmers we are not only supporting their efforts, but they are supporting ours. At Genesis Today, we believe in doing what it takes to form trusted relationships while leaving a small carbon footprint on our planet. Organic Total Goji 100 is created by pureeing the entire berry and then flash pasteurizing for peak flavor.

Organic Total Goji 100 has just one ingredient – goji berries. Total Goji 100 supports a positive mood and tastes great, too.*

  • Supports a positive mood*
  • 30 g of goji per serving
  • Flash pasteurized


The goji berry is a small, reddish-orange berry which grows on small shrubs in the valleys of the Himalayan mountain regions of Tibet, Mongolia and China. Goji has been used in traditional Asian practices for over 3,000 years and is so esteemed that festivals are still held in honor of the goji berry every year!
Traditionally used for supporting positive mood, the history of goji is as colorful as the superfruit itself. Legends of a “Happy Berry” brought seekers to a tiny Himalayan village inhabited with lively but elderly locals. The village shared a single water well which was covered in unruly, twisting goji vines which dropped ripened berries into the village’s water source and endowed the locals with vibrant health, happiness and long life.*

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