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Take control of your digestion and weight! Genesis Today’s Probiotic + Nature Trim provides a synergistic blend of natural, evidence-based ingredients for a holistic approach to digestive health and weight management. Each serving combines the benefits of a clinically-studied probiotic strain plus natural green tea, energizing caffeine and cold-pressed fruit in a vegan formula.*

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probiotic nature trim genesis today ingredientsProbiotic + Nature Trim features a blend of natural, evidence-based ingredients for a holistic approach to digestive health & weight management.*

LactoSpore® is a novel, probiotic strain (Bacillus coagulans) that promotes the growth of beneficial bacteria and helps reduce the proliferation of harmful bacteria in the gut. It is scientifically proven to survive harsh stomach acids in our gastrointestinal system to provide maximum benefit such as easing constipation, gas and bloating.*

Probiotic nature trim actazin

Actazin® is a cold-pressed kiwi fruit powder that is a safe, natural way to support healthy digestion and regularity.*

innova tea caffeine probiotic

InnovaTea® provides an all-natural source of caffeine from tea leaves. Natural, energy- boosting caffeine helps control your appetite, supports metabolism and minimizes diet fatigue.*

green tea extract probiotic egcg

Green tea is a source of naturally-occurring polyphenols, particularly epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG), which supports healthy weight management, metabolism and antioxidant protection.*

Having Difficulty Managing Your Weight?*

Managing your weight isn't always as easy as Instagram makes it seem. But sometimes all you need is a guiding hand…a little push to help with your efforts.

The Guiding Hand You’ve Been Missing

What’s the biggest key to managing your weight?

Of course it’s diet.

But diet is only part of the equation. Unfortunately, many people tend to only focus on eating better and tend to avoid the entire part about what’s going on in their gut. Eating poorly for any amount of time can leave your digestive tract an utter wreck. You’ve got to get it fixed up and back on track.

Let LactoSpore® be Your Conductor

Unfortunately, the probiotics in yogurt you purchase at the grocery store may not be active by the time you consume it. This is due to temperature changes and exposure to air.

Your stomach is a hostile environment with an agenda to kill everything that comes its way. That’s its job. Probiotics, unfortunately, also have a tendency to find themselves drowning in stomach acid.

Probiotic + Nature Trim contains LactoSpore.® It’s a special strain of probiotics called Bacillus coagulans, MTCC 5856 that can survive your digestive tract and safely make it to your intestine where it can help kick out the “bad” bacteria and ease occasional bloating, gas, and intestinal discomfort.*

Even Probiotics Need to Eat

It’s all about survival. The longer your probiotics can survive in the hostile environment of your digestive tract, the better. That’s why you’ve got to air mail your probiotics care packages every now and then.

No, not brownies. Fiber – the indigestible kind more commonly known as prebiotics.

We’ve included Actazin® in Probiotic + Nature Trim due to its ability to not only feed probiotics, but also to support your digestive health.*

genesis today actazin kiwi fiber

It’s All About Weight Management*

In the end, you want a product that helps you manage your weight. Probiotics and prebiotics can get you started, but you still need a little boost.*

Let’s be honest for a minute. Dieting and exercising is hard. It takes energy that you don’t always have.

It’s why we added a clean source of caffeine in Probiotic + Nature Trim. InnovaTea provides about the same amount of caffeine as a single cup of coffee. The caffeine comes from tea leaves and can help control your appetite and support your metabolism.*

probiotic nature trim green tea

Of course, we couldn’t leave out EGCG (epigallocatechin gallate) – an antioxidant that’s also found in green tea. It not only attacks free radicals, it also supports weight management and your metabolism.*

It’s Time to Get Started

A journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step. Add on every other clichéd statement you care to, but the sentiment is still the same. You’ve got to 1) start and you’ve got to 2) commit.

Managing your weight is not an easy journey by any means, but we’ve made it significantly less difficult for you by providing an evidence-backed, clean supplement.* Probiotic + Nature Trim can help you achieve your goals.

Available exclusively at Walmart stores nationwide and Probiotic + Nature Trim is conveniently located in the Digestive Health aisle.


Probiotic + Nature Trim Benefits

  • Promotes digestive health*
  • Supports weight management and metabolism
  • Promotes the growth of beneficial bacteria
  • Gluten, soy and dairy free
  • No artificial colors, binders or fillers



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