Vegetarian Resveratrol (32oz)

Genesis Today’s Resveratrol combines several healthy sources of resveratrol, including grape juice, Japanese knotweed extract, grape seed and skin extracts and red wine extract, into a bio-available liquid formula. Each concentrated 1oz. serving provides 150 times more resveratrol than one glass of red wine, offering an alcohol-free way to support cardiovascular health.*


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resveratrol supplement drink 16 ozResveratrol is a polyphenolic compound that is naturally produced in some plants to protect themselves against environmental stresses.*

While resveratrol is commonly found in foods such as berries and grapes, a highly-concentrated source of resveratrol can also be found in the Japanese knotweed, a hardy, tenacious plant that grows rampant across much of Asia.

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This highly-adaptable plant can withstand extreme temperatures and is difficult to kill, both possible side-effects of its high resveratrol content.

Genesis Today's Resveratrol

Our Resveratrol is a truly unique blend of seven plant sources of resveratrol featuring white grape, red grape and Concord grape juices as the delicious base flavor, combined with Japanese knotweed extract, grape seed and grape skin extract, aloe vera powder and red wine extract.

Our formula provides 24.5 g of our Genesis Today Proprietary Resveratrol juice blend per 1 ounce serving and is alcohol-free! Genesis Today’s Resveratrol is a unique blend of resveratrol that provides the body with a bio-available resveratrol formula in every 1 oz. serving.

How to Use Genesis Today's Resveratrol

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