Genesis Today Superfruit Promise

Our Superfruit Promise

Some companies will tell you quality starts with the ingredients, but for Genesis Today, it starts long before that. We don’t grab on to the next big trend or buzz ingredient.

It starts with research. Reading through clinical trials. Checking actual nutrient levels. Making sure the superfruit can actually help you in the way it’s supposed to be able to – to make sure the “juice is actually worth the squeeze” (as our VP of Marketing likes to put it).

And then it’s travelling to the location. Meeting the people that grow the superfruits, talking with the farmers, figuring out how to best provide you with the true value of the superfruit.

When it comes to juices, we’ve confirmed time and time again the very best way is to provide it in the same way the native people have been consuming it for thousands of years. They’ve experimented with it for longer than we can ever hope to. Whether it’s the Pacific Islanders that ferment noni or the Brazilians that mash up their acai, it’s readily apparent they know the best ways to benefit from their favorite superfruits.

That’s why all of our superfruits are not only traditionally harvested, but they’re also kept as pure as the traditions surrounding these superfruits.

What’s Our Superfruit Promise to You?

We promise to provide you with traditionally-harvested, nutrient dense superfoods in the cleanest formula possible. We seek to provide the whole fruit so you can experience the full benefits and we will never compromise on quality.

Every batch is carefully tested by our in-house team to ensure it is up to our strict standards regarding purity and nutrient content – all so that when you consume a Genesis Today product, you’ll feel the difference.

All Genesis Today superfruit juices are:

  • Natively-Sourced
  • Traditionally-harvested
  • Non-GMO
  • Nutrient-dense
  • Pure
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