Genesis Today’s mission is to make people’s lives better every day by providing them with traditionally-harvested, nutrient-rich superfoods to support their health and well-being.


At Genesis Today, we believe that the true benefits of superfoods come from the native environments that have sustained them for thousands or even millions of years. That’s why we get our superfoods directly from the source—from the cloud-capped mountains of India to the lush jungles of Southeast Asia and beyond. We also choose ingredients harvested using traditional methods passed down for generations, like climbing palms to pick açaí berries and sending them downriver by canoe in South America or purchasing goji berries gathered by hand from local farms in Asia.


Our focus on quality and sourcing are not the only things that make Genesis Today different. We are also a sustainable business, following environmentally-friendly practices and supporting sustainable lifestyles for the indigenous people who work hard to share their treasures with us. We believe in supporting the health and well-being of not just our consumers, but of all the individuals and families who help us create our exceptional products and deliver them to you.

Why Choose Genesis Today Superfoods?

Genesis Today is dedicated to product quality and ingredient transparency. That is why we strive to maintain industry-best practices in supply chain oversight, and we put forth significant effort in establishing third-party certifications. When you purchase a Genesis Today product, you can rest assured that you are giving your family not only the best tasting superfood products on the market, but also the most thoroughly tested.

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